Facials in York, Pa

At York Medical Spa we customize all facials to meet the clients wants and skin care needs.  We provide the most relaxing facial with the most knowledgeable skin care specialists.  Our facials provided include cleansing of the skin, skin care analysis, exfoliation, facial and neck/shoulder massage, a masque, skin toner, moisturizer, and SPF.  We will also incorporate high frequency such as infrared and ultraviolet light if the clients skin needs.  Other steps that may be incorporated are extractions and a quick peel.

At York Medical Spa, we use the Danne Montague-King skin care line. DMK is rare skin care line that uses plant-based ingredients to provide unreal benefits while avoiding the use of harsh ingredients.  Our facials provided are customized to meet the clients skin care needs such as Hydrating the skin, reducing oily skin, reducing acne, brightening the skin, reducing pigmentation, reducing dark circles and eye puffiness, anti-aging facials, enzyme facial and the European facial.