You’re tired of starving, you’re tired of busting your back at the gym and more than anything you are tired of not seeing results. By now you are on your tenth diet and exercise program. Now here comes medical weight loss.

Sure, you’re skeptical. Just the name “Medical Weight Loss” sounds intimidating. The name sounds like a surgical procedure that helps you lose weight. In fact, medical weight loss is a completely different approach to weight loss.

Until recently, when someone wanted to lose a few pounds they just cut sugar out of their diet, ate vegetables and maybe got a gym pass. Do you know why that technique can work for your neighbor and not for you? You aren’t your neighbor.

Everyone has a different biological makeup, which means that everyone has to approach weight loss differently. What works for you may not work for your brother.

The Medical Weight Loss Difference

First of all our medical weight loss professionals are trained in the medical weight loss approach. We offer the highest level of expertise in safe and effective nutritional, exercise and behavioral counseling that will help you lose weight and finally keep it off!

That’s right. Medical weight loss doesn’t just look at what your eating and what workout routine you’re doing. Medical weight loss takes a much deeper approach. Here are some of the biggest differences.

No surgery

The next biggest difference is that medical weight loss does not involve surgery of any kind. Even though the name sounds intimidating (medical), there is nothing that involves surgery.

No Prescriptions

While we do have the ability to address medication issues we do not rely on prescriptions. In many cases, the reason why you can’t lose the weight or have gained the weight in the first place is because of medications.

Personalized Plan

Everyone has a unique health profile. As mentioned before this is the main reason why two different people can be on a similar diet and exercise plans and experience completely different results.

Our professionals will look at deeper aspects of your life to identify any health conditions, medications and behavioral patterns, which may be contributing to your weight loss challenges.

Overall Medical Weight Loss treats the issues that can’t be treated with diet and exercise alone. For example, did you know that you could gain an extra 15 pounds per year by taking certain over the counter medications? This is something that can’t be solved with a treadmill.

Speaking of medications, many of our patients achieve levels of health that allow them to stop taking medications.

The Medical Weight Loss Process

Our professionals will take a look at your medical history and perform a body composition analysis. We’ll speak with you about any factors that may hold you back from success and talk to you about your goals.

After this step, our staff will prescribe a plan that’s tailored to your needs.

With our facility, there are no gray areas. We’ll show you exactly where to start, exactly what to eat and exactly what to change in your life to ensure you have the best chances of success!

Call now to schedule a time to talk to one of our medical weight loss pros!