Laser treamentsWe groom ourselves to look good, feel great and achieve that smooth, sexy look that will last us for days. Ladies swoon over a guy who is cleanly shaven and smooth legs look great underneath a summer dress. However, traditional grooming methods never last long and before you know it you have a new layer of fuzz protruding from your skin. This has caused many people to hate the process and palaver of shaving and the pain they have to go through when it comes to waxing. Luckily there is a less tedious solution right under your nose: laser hair removal.

What is Laser Hair Removal

Our team at the York Medical Spa make it our number one aim to remove the unwanted hair from your body in the most precise way possible. We make use of the best high tech equipment to ensure that you get the best experience in York, Pennsylvania. Our staff members are completely trustworthy, honest, and reliable, and they make sure every patient’s file is kept strictly confidential. They are all also very capable and qualified of operation and working with the laser that will help in removing the hair off of your body.

The procedure is fairly simple and it will not take more than an hour to complete. Before the procedure commences our professional team of beauticians will prepare you for the laser treatment and ensure that you know what exactly is going to happen. After the briefing you will be connected to the laser machine and the hair removal will begin. It takes seconds for the laser beam to penetrate the skin and destroy the hair follicle, so this helps to speed up the process even more. Small areas like the upper lip usually take about a minute whilst larger areas like the legs will take about an hour.

After the Laser Hair Removal Process

After the procedure our friendly staff members will assess the progress and might urge you to come for a few more treatments. The laser beam penetrates deep down into the skin and attacks the hair follicle directly. However, this can only be done with lively growing hair. You may need to come back for a few more to target those that have been in hiding and that have not sprouted with your previous visit. With our high beam laser device we will be able to take care of this in no time at all.

We make sure that we use the right laser beam as per your hair thickness, hair type, and hair colour. We also factor in the colour of your skin to make sure that we destroy it effectively. Each of our clients is valuable to us and we aim to treat everyone like the beautiful individuals they are.

You can book your first appointment today by phoning us or filling in our online form so that one of our staff members can contact you back. We love seeing transformations happen and we can’t wait to see yours.