laser treatmentsFor years people have become dependent on laser treatments to improve the way they look and to diminish the early signs of aging.

At the York Medical Spa we take pride in making beauty our number one priority and we love seeing the transformations on our patient’s faces.  Our team of certified laser technicians are fully qualified and trained to operate our state of the art Lasers, Motus AZ+ and our Quanta Laser, they can effectively deduce where or how it will help the most.

Various Laser Treatments

Some of the services we offer include: 

We offer a wide range of laser treatments including our newest technology of PAIN FREE hair removal and each one of them will be specially designed to suit your individual needs.  It’s all about you: all our patients will have their very own treatment plan drawn up by one of our professional laser technicians. Everyone should feel beautiful in their own skin and generalized methods are definitely not the way we conduct ourselves.

Each service be discussed with you separately and we will carefully explain to you how it will be conducted by using one of the two state of the art lasers. You will need to come in for an initial observation appointment, which is absolutely free to all our patients. During this appointment we will be able to hear from you what you want the outcomes to be after a specific laser treatment and we will get to work to deduce how exactly we will go to work about it based on your personal histories with same day treatments offered.

After the treatment we will tell you how to maintain and look after the treated area. The best way to start is to contact us now to book your first appointment. You can do this by calling, texting or email. One of our friendly agents will contact you to establish a desirable time slot.

At York Medical Spa we do a number of different laser treatments with our state of the art lasers.  We offer PAIN FREE laser removal of unwanted hair, tattoo, fine lines and wrinkles, inflammatory acne, age/sun spots and spider veins.  Our laser is safe for all skin types.  Every client is different, therefore, each client may require a different number of treatments to get the desired results.  A free consultation is offered before every laser treatment to determine the amount of treatments needed.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q – How does laser hair removal work?
A – Laser hair removal works by targeting and destroying the bulb of each hair follicle.  Once the hair follicle is compromised, the body is not able to grow new hair.

Q – What tattoo colors can you remove?
A – Our laser can remove a wide range of colors such as blue, black, red, orange, yellow and purple ink.

Q – How do you treat acne?
A – The laser shrinks oil glands, reduces inflammation and kills bacteria.