At York Medical Spa we are passionate about beauty and we love to see people regain the confidence they might have lost due to aging such as fine lines/ wrinkles, sun exposure, unwanted hair growth and much more. Our procedures are 100% safe to undergo and we have a friendly team of medical experts that will assist you throughout the entire process. We always try to make our patients feel at home in our office. We know that any type of procedure can be quite intimidating. With us you have nothing to worry about – we do it with care!

We can treat your anti-aging treatments without any snipping, nipping, cutting or other invasive surgical procedures. It is something that can be done in a single session (or a few) without anesthesia and it takes only a few minutes. One popular anti-aging treatment is Botox. Botox is injected into the muscle itself so that it can get to work from the root of the problem. Some of the most popular places we inject Botox is the chin, the eyes (‘crow’s feet’), forehead, glabellar lines (eleven’s or frown lines) and above the lips to treat lip lines.

Treatments we provide include:

The Botox procedure will take its full effect about 3-7 days after the injection but you may starts seeing results sooner. Botox usually lasts for 6 months until the muscle action will slowly return, which means that the wrinkles will gradually return. Luckily you may book another appointment for another treatment! The more you come for a Botox treatment the less wrinkles will appear after the Botox has been worked out as your muscles are being trained to relax.