One thing that concerns ladies is the fact that their eyelashes never seem to be long enough. Thin lashes are a common problem in most women and it is just not financially viable for people to keep on using mascara tube after tube. Eyelash extensions also seem to be fading out as a popular trend because of the expenses of its upkeep. Who has the extra money to go for these treatments once every 5 weeks? This is why Latisse has been one of the products as recommended by dermatologists and beauty experts all over the world.

Latisse is an eyelash eye-drop product that increases the growth of eyelashes after just a few regular uses. It has the potential to transform the root of the eyelash right to the very tip in order to promote healthy and natural growth. The result is beautifully long lashes that grow thicker and thicker each time that you use it. It is perfectly safe to use and offers absolutely no negative side effects unless you get some of it in your eye. It is best to avoid the retina and rather focus on applying it to the lash itself.

The FDA approved Latisse in December 2008, but before that it was an important part in treating different eye diseases. In previous years, doctors and medical experts used Latisse to treat patients who suffer from glaucoma.

After using it for a few years they discovered that Latisse actually promotes lash growth in patients. These patients had noticeable longer and thicker lashes after just a few uses. They have been producing it as an eye drop for beauty products ever since 2001 even though it is said to still be used as a glaucoma treatment for many people.

The reason why Latisse works so well is because it contains a very powerful substance called bimatoprost. This is the drug that is found inside these eye drops that makes it possible for your lashes to grow as effectively when it is applied. This drug enhances the natural growth rate of the eyelash in order for it to reach its full potential, and before you know it you have gorgeous set of lashes without having to pay ridiculous prices for it. Studies have shown that the more you use it, the less you have to depend on this type of eye drop.

Eyelashes work like the hair on your head. Just like a hair grows out of the follicle and drops out after a while, so does the eyelash. Latisse lengthens the rate of growth and ensures that these eyelashes stay inside the follicle for a longer period of time by increasing its strength. You apply Latisse onto the eyelid where the lashes start forming on the lash line with sterile applicators that are provided with the kit. It is important to note that you cannot reuse these applicators as it is a danger to your eye health. For more information contact your doctor.