Laser treatments for acne can be a bit confusing. How does putting a light on your face possibly reduce acne?

First of all, laser therapy aims to prevent acne such as inflamed papules and pustules along with treating non-inflamed acne such as blackheads.

When the laser is directed at the affected area it actually stimulates the compounds inside of acne. This compound is referred to as porphyrins.

When the compounds are stimulated it damages the bacteria wall, which actually ends up killing the bacteria inside the acne. This process may reduce the amount of acne that appears on one’s face.

Along with killing the bacteria inside of the acne, the laser also reduces the oil levels surrounding the affected area, which may be helpful for treating and preventing acne.

BUT..Can Lazers Actually Clear Acne?

There are several studies out there that are trying to gauge the effectiveness of laser treatment for acne. However, the studies that are taking place are all with small groups of people.

Testing this procedure is difficult because many of the studies lack split face design, which is comparing one side of the face to each other, lack follow up since the treatment spans over a longer period of time and lastly, the procedure often does not have a control. This all means that it’s hard to tell if the positive effects are from the laser or something else.

Also, there are many other factors that influence acne such as diet, hormone fluctuation, oil levels in your face (which can be influenced by weather), exercise, stress levels and so on.

However, according to

“Still, almost all of the studies show at least some improvement in acne symptoms. Consensus amongst researchers is that results are temporary since colonies of acne bacteria grow back quickly.

Results are also incomplete, meaning lasers alone usually do not completely clear acne.9 The studies show anywhere from 36% clearance to 83%.”

Are there Side Effects?

While some people do experience some pain or discomfort during the treatment, many people reportedly experience no negative side effects.
However, depending on the laser used, patients report different levels of possible redness after certain laser treatments and it’s not very common.

The benefit to using lasers seems quite obvious to many. If you listen to commercials that are promoting topical acne creams and treatments, they all state that the process could take weeks and even months until you begin to notice any significant differences.

With laser treatment, the process is three times faster than common antibiotics and topical treatments. ALSO, patients can achieve up to 80% clearance of their acne.

With many topical treatments, the benefits aren’t even half as effective at best. Lasers offer a treatment that can potentially clear up 80% of your acne in one-third of the time.

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