The Anti-Aging industry is a multi-BILLION-dollar industry. In fact, by 2021 the global anti-aging industry is going to be at an all-time high of $216 Billion.

People want to stay young. Everyone wants to go through life looking their best. People want to remain energetic and no one wants the aches and pains that come with aging.

We’ll look at two perspectives on aging. Is aging a curable disease that scientists need to further research to perhaps find a cure OR is aging a part of life, there’s no cure and we’re all doomed to look and feel older at some point in our lives.

There IS a cure for Aging

Many people believe that aging is just like any other disease and can be treated and cured. 400 years ago people didn’t have a treatment for smallpox, polio or malaria. If you got these diseases, you had a great chance of dying. People thought that if you got Malaria you were doomed. We now know that a Malaria is curable with the correct treatment and proper drugs.

Some people think about aging in the same way. For example, Aubrey de Grey, the Chief Science Officer of SENS Research Foundation believes that aging is just a medical problem.

He believes that aging is a process that damages the body. If you can prevent the body from damage and figure out a way to repair the damage, then you can essentially ‘cure’ the problem of ‘aging’.

He believes that ‘aging’ is just a word we use to label a host of diseases that causes the signs of aging.

Aubrey de Grey believes that if we conduct more research we may find that magic treatment that stops aging all together and prevents the signs of aging (diseases, stroke etc).

Believing that we can’t find a cure is what people believed 400 years ago about malaria.

Is There NOT a Cure for Aging?

An article on brings up a good point. Even though you can treat diseases and overcome health problems, you still get older.

Aubrey de Grey mentioned earlier that curing the diseases that aging causes essentially cures aging.

However, what about the people that live through cancer and a stroke. They still get older and eventually pass.

Many people just believe that our lifetime is limited. Plain and simple. The article states that aging is separate from diseases. We know that cells divide 40 to 60 times. Some researchers believe that even if we can prevent and suspend aging on a cellular level then the end result would be the same for us. mentions:

Dr. Jonathan Flacker, an internist in geriatrics at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, said aging is simply not the same as an illness.

“A disease is something not normal that some people get but not everybody gets,” he said. “The implication is that aging is abnormal and something nature didn’t intend.”

What Can You Do Today About Aging?

It seems like we still have a long way to go before we come up with a treatment to stop aging once and for all if preventing aging is even possible.

As of now the best you can do is to contact an Anti-Aging pro from the York Medical Spa. We have a range of treatments to help slow down the signs of aging. We offer Cosmetic injections to prevent lines and wrinkles. We have laser treatments to help keep your skin looking beautiful along with chemical peels, facials, and microdermabrasion.

What do you think about a cure for aging? Do you think it’s a curable disease or are we all doomed to get older?


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