We’ve all heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We also all believed that beauty varied by race, era or culture. However, studies have found that our perception of physical beauty is hard coded into our brains. Have you ever heard of the Golden Ratio?

What is the Golden Ratio?

Human beauty is based on divine proportion. Apparently, the symmetry of your face can be measured. The closer you are to achieving the Golden number of 1.62 to 1 then the more beautiful you are supposed to be. Sounds confusing, but on your face, there are many opportunities for you to reach this golden ratio of proportions.

For example, if the width to height ration from the center of your eyes horizontally to your nose flair to your nose base is 1.62 to one then that quality is considered to be in the Golden Ratio. Scientists determined that regardless of our race, culture or era if a person has more of these golden ratios build into the physical features of their face then that person is considered more attractive.

Check out the YouTube video above to see this work in action.

According to a London-Based plastic surgeon, a few women in the world have achieved almost near perfect faces according to this Golden Ratio. Kim Kardashian is one of those women. However, if she could have reached this Golden Ratio naturally is a different conversation.

Discussing Kim Kardashian brings up the next topic of achieving this golden ratio artificially.

Can you Purchase the Golden Ratio

If there is a scientist who figured out that there is a number associated with beauty then you better believe there is a person out there who wants to turn their face into that number. Everyone wants to be considered flawless. Everyone wants to be the person who has the face of perfect proportions.

Until recently there wasn’t much you could do to achieve perfection. Now you can buy perfection and a simple injection will shape your face to perfect proportions. From arched eyebrows to pronounced cheekbones and even plump lips. Patients are lining up to pay good money for perfect proportions.

You can now simply manipulate your features and achieve perfection without surgery…as long as you’re okay with needles.

According to allure.com,

“Last year alone, we were injected more than 6.6 million times, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Let’s try that again. 6.6 MILLION TIMES. That’s a nearly 40 percent increase from just five years ago.”

Injectables are supposed to help us look younger and in many cases they do. However, doctors are saying that some people want to take it too far. Injectables were designed to remove lines, restore contours, and lift droopy brows and sagging jawlines. However, some people want all of that on one face. According to allure, the result is a puffy face that just doesn’t look right.

Allure mentions that the best piece of advice is to go to a Medical Spa with a proven track record of success. Call the York Medical Spa today!


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