The caveman diet, the Atkins and the bacon diet eventually all lead to the yo-yo diet. If you’re like many millions of Americans you know that dieting is extremely difficult. There are so many resources out there with conflicting “facts” on what’s the best “diet”. It’s hard to tell what’s best for you.

You can completely cut carbs and think you’re making progress. Weeks later you find out you starved yourself for nothing. All you lost was water weight and you’re BMI is the same.

It’s truly frustrating!

Traditional Dieting

By definition “diet” is: To restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight.

Let’s look at some statistics associated with traditional dieting:

  • 1 in 9 people will try to go on a diet this year
  • 6 out of 9 of those people will fail their diets
  • 73 out of 9 of those people will regain their weight back within 3 years

It almost makes you throw up your hands in frustration. What’s the point of cutting out your favorite foods if you almost have no chance at long-term success?

Not to mention traditional diets can be pretty dangerous. Your body is designed to have a variety of nutrients from a variety of fruits, vegetables, protein, etc. If you follow a diet like the 30 day Bacon Diet then you’re depleting your body of extremely valuable nutrients.

While some people have seen success with diets like this (this guy lost 20 pounds), your experiences may not be the same. Plus what happens after the 30 days? Do you go back to eating unhealthy foods that made you put on those 20 extra pounds initially? You can’t eat only bacon forever.

The problem with traditional dieting is that it doesn’t incorporate a lifestyle of healthiness and nutrition. With traditional dieting, by definition, all you do is cut back and restrict the things you eat. It takes more than that to have long-term success.

Medical Weight Loss

First of all medical weight loss is NOT surgery or fancy pills. While the “Medical” in the name seems like it could mean surgery, it certainly does not.

Medical Weight Loss means that a Medical Professional, or a professional in the field of weight loss, advises your weight loss journey. After all, losing weight often requires someone holding you accountable along with guiding you along the way.

The main difference is that a diet is a restriction of food or eating certain food to lose weight. With traditional diets it’s all about what you consume.

Lifestyle Approach

Medical weight loss is a lifestyle approach. The professional we mentioned earlier guides you through nutrition, exercise and behavioral counseling.

The professional is not just there to tell you what to eat or to act as a nutritionist. However, the professional isn’t your personal trainer either.

The medical weight loss professional shows you how to lose weight with diet, exercise and managing your behaviors so you aren’t tempted to slip-up.


Another main difference is that traditional dieting is the same across the board for everyone. Everyone cuts carbs and you’re on the Atkins diet. Everyone eats just veggies and you’re on the vegetarian diet.

No two people are alike so why is every diet the same?

When you have a weight loss professional guiding you along the way then you have someone who is able to address your weight loss concerns with your unique health profile. Medical Weight loss treats what diets can’t.

The York Medical Spa takes a different approach to weight loss. If you’re looking for serious results and you’re looking serious life changes call us today.

Whether it’s 100 pounds or those last 10 pounds, we will help you reach your goals!