When it comes to weight loss most people don’t know where to begin. You have to consider your diet, exercise, metabolism, hormones, calories in versus calories out and so on.

Most people just assume that the only way to lose weight is with lots of leafy greens, tons of calorie-burning cardio and a lot of time. After all, you didn’t gain all that weight quickly so burning calories must take a lot of time too, right? Wrong!

What if we told you that it’s possible to burn up to 800 calories in a few minutes? You’re probably thinking, “Yea, but burning 800 calories isn’t even 25% of a pound”.

To put 800 calories in perspective here’s a few other things you can do to burn 800 calories:

  • Walk 8 miles
  • Jog 6 miles
  • Swim laps for 1 ½ hours
  • Ride a bike over 10 mph for 1 ½ hours
  • Hike for 2 ½ hours

Or you can try cryotherapy for only a few minutes!

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a procedure where you step into a cryo-chamber, which is icy-cold with the help of liquid nitrogen. The frigid temps are colder than any part of Antarctica and the benefits that cryotherapy may have to a person can be amazing.

At first, cryotherapy was introduced as a treatment for arthritis. Then athletes used cryotherapy as a way to soothe muscles after intense training (check out what LeBron has to say about it).

Now, people are claiming that cryotherapy can also be used as a way to speed up weight loss!

How Does Cryotherapy Help Me Lose Weight?

The theory goes like this…you step into a cryo-chamber and icy cold air is blown onto your torso for just a few short minutes. The brutal cold puts your body into survival mode. Being in survival mode apparently puts your metabolism into overdrive, which burns about 800 calories in just a few short minutes.

Yes you have to endure the cold for a few minutes, but you can avoid the treadmill AND you won’t even work up a sweat or be out of breath! Amazing.

It’s truly amazing that hundreds of calories can be burned in a few minutes. It’s no wonder that so many cryo-spas are appearing all over the country!

Many people consider Cryotherapy because going to the gym isn’t an option. For many people with infant children, or the people who work late shifts, how can you spend a few hours at the gym every day?

Is Cryotherapy for Weight Loss to Good to Be True?

The short answer to the question above is that it’s too soon to tell. At this time Cryotherapy is not proven.

Physicians did see an initial increase in metabolic rate, which means that calories were definitely burning because of Cryotherapy. However, since this is a newer treatment there has not been enough time to study this treatment to determine if it’s effective for weightless for everyone.

With that being said cryotherapy would be a great addition for anyone currently using traditional weight loss methods such as diet and exercise!