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Cryotherapy is the process of stepping into a freezing cold cryo-chamber to receive amazing benefits such as increased healing to injured joints, decreased stress and more.

It is most beneficial when an acute injury occurs, and cryotherapy will assist in pain control to reduce bruising and swelling. Cryotherapy is a treatment that has the ability to treat sports related injuries, effects of aging and improve your athletic performance.

How Does Cryotherapy Help an Injury?

When cold is applied, the sensation, which is felt, is cold, then burning, aching and numbness. The duration of Cryotherapy process is considered to be a long duration and will have the following effects on the tissue:

  • Slowdown metabolism of the affected cells. It simply means less oxygen is required for the cellular process.
  • Cold will constrict the blood vessels and decrease blood flow, thereby reducing confusion formation and hematoma.
  • The fluid formation will be reduced at the site; less fluid puts less pressure on the pain receptors- therefore, you experience less pain.
  • The pain decreases for two reasons; cellular debris or waste products is being absorbed and cold has a numbing effect on the nerves.

What is the Time Limit for a Cryotherapy Procedure?

Typically a patient goes through cryotherapy for 2-3 minutes. The time limit, which is placed on a cold application, is put in place to maintain the health of the tissue. If cold is left in an area for too long, hunting response is activated to prevent tissue damage from prolonged cold.

Hunting Response is a cycle of vasoconstriction, then vasodilation, and will occur if the cold is left on for too long, or when tissue is cooled excessively. The increased blood flow occurs for two reasons:

  • To help remove waste products like histamine, which occur in response to the injury and to the cold.
  • To prevent damage to tissue that is peripheral to the injured area.

Hunting Response is essential to tissue health as it maintains the cellular metabolism at a rate, which assists in healing the surrounding tissue and the injury, as well as ensures that blood supplying nutrients and oxygen is delivered in adequate amounts to the cells. If Hunting Response is allowed to occur from a prolonged application of cold, it can be painful as blood is forced into the area via a process known as active derivation.

Preparing for the Cryotherapy Procedure

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