Athletic Superstars swear by this newer process called Cryotherapy. Kobe Bryant, an NBA MVP, swears by cryotherapy. Floyd Mayweather, a former professional boxer who’s considered one of the greatest boxers of all time, tells us he uses cryotherapy often before and after his big fights.

Cryotherapy is a whole body exposure to cool, dry air vapors that reach extremely cold temperatures. In fact the cold, dry air reaches sub zero temperatures. Athletes like Kobe and Mayweather say that the cold temperatures decrease their pains and inflammation, which are caused from tough workouts and athletic performances.

The Cryotherapy Process

When you choose Cryotherapy the process starts with a medical waiver. Before we allow anyone in the chamber we need to make sure you are in good enough physical health to endure the extreme temperatures.

After you state you are in good health you put on the protective gear and step into the full-body cryotherapy chamber. This chamber is a tall cylinder that you step in, which only exposes you head.

After you step into the chamber cold air will be blown onto your body for 2-3 minutes at an average of -184 degrees Celsius!

The Effects of Cryotherapy

Once your body is exposed to the extreme temperatures your body will begin to go into survival mode.

Essentially cryotherapy is going to be something like an extreme ice bath. If you’re an athlete you’ll get inflammation down, more lactic acid down and you’ll also activate the nervous system response. This nervous system response is essential for helping your body heal more effectively as well as efficiently. You’ll also have better function throughout the day.

The dry, cold temperatures help sustain reduced muscle temperatures without compromising the skin or core temperatures. Essentially, this allows the skin temperatures to turn to normal while the muscle temperatures remain cold for a longer period of time.

Staying in Shape

Cryotherapy has many positive effects. Not only are athletes using cryotherapy for decreased inflammation, improved joint performance and reduced pain. Athletes are also using cryotherapy to maintain their physique.

When you step into that chamber we mentioned that your body enters survival mode. This is your body’s natural response to extremely cold temperatures. While you are in survival-mode your body works extremely hard to keep the vital parts of your body warm

The extreme effort your body takes to keep your vitals warm means that you’re using a lot of energy. When you use a lot of energy then you burn a lot of calories.

In the amount of time it takes you to order pizza over the phone, you can burn up to 800 calories with cryotherapy. Keep in mind it takes an entire football field to walk off one M&M (4 calories).

You can see why athletes opt for cryotherapy to maintain their physique.

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