Cryotherapy is one of the biggest trends in skin care and injury treatments due to the effective way it works. Hundreds of thousands of people make use of this type of therapy to take care of their injuries and to slow down the process of aging. It is probably one of the most innovative treatments of its type due to the fact that the process only requires freezing cold temperatures. It has become a trend that even those who dislike the cold follow in order to rejuvenate their appearance and take better care of their bodies.

What is cryotherapy?

Whether you have heard about the craze or have never even heard the term, cryotherapy is a completely safe and non-invasive procedure. People who undergo cryotherapy walk into a cryosauna that has been cooled to -264 degrees. The cold temperature then works with the body of the patient and has been known to cure inflammation, sports injuries, and slow down the effects of aging on a person. The freezing temperatures send the body into ‘survival mode’ which causes the blood to flow to the vital organs first so that these parts get nutrition and oxygen first. It allows the toxins from the body to escape and as soon as you step out of the cryosauna, new blood circulates back to the rest of the body.

The benefits of cryotherapy

There are many benefits of cryotherapy, some of which have already been discussed. It is a treatment that can be beneficial to both young and old, male and female. Here are a few more ways in which you can benefit from the experience as a whole.

  • It boosts your immune system: you might not think that below 0 temperatures will help your immune system, but it has been proven that people who undergo cryotherapy on a regular basis, have responded quite in terms of their immunity against illnesses.
  • It heals nerve damage: the reason why this type of treatment is so popular amongst athletes and sport stars is because it heals the nerve damage. This allows the inflamed or damaged area to heal more effectively and it reduces the pain that the sufferer might feel. People with chronic pain have also experienced relief and even cure after undergoing cryotherapy treatments.
  • It relieves arthritis: just as this type of therapy heals the injuries and pain of athletes, it also assists a sufferer from arthritis to cope with the pain. Sufferers from joint diseases can find comfort in the chilling temperatures and get back to living a full life.
  • It reduces stress: along with the new rush of blood present in the body, people who undergo cryotherapy also experience a massive hormonal rush. This has been proven to help reduce stress and everyday tension. It has also been observed that people who suffer from depression have lifted spirits after such a treatment and people who suffer from insomnia sleep better at night.