In 2005 getting your boyfriends name tattooed on your wrist seemed like the best idea in the world. You and your boyfriend Jim were meant to be together forever. You were young, wild and in love. Now you’re engaged to Tom and he’s not wild about the tattoo on your wrist.

A recent study was conducted to see exactly why people get a tattoo.

According to The study was led by Myrna L. Armstrong, RD, EdD, of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

In background information presented with the findings, the researchers write, “the vast majority of individuals who are tattooed are pleased with their skin markings (up to 83%).”

Apparently, about a fifth are estimated to be unhappy with their tattoos, while “only about 6% seek removal.”

In the 2006 study, researchers interviewed 196 tattooed people; 130 of them were women and 66 were men.

It’s good to see that most people who choose to get a tattoo aren’t regretful. We weren’t expecting to see 83% of people happy with the long-term results.

With only 6% of people getting a tattoo removed. Let’s look at why people get them removed. According to WebMD:

58% of People Just Decided to Remove the Tattoo

This is obvious, but most people who opt for laser tattoo removal are just tired of their tattoo. Many people get tattoos in their younger days and just grow out of them. Did you ever buy a pair of shoes because at the time you thought they were the best-looking shoes ever? Years later, while cleaning out your closet, you see those shoes and you wonder what you were thinking. You would never wear those shoes now and it’s 5 years later.

Many people feel the same way about their tattoos and now they’re looking for a way to get the tattoo removed.

57% Suffered Embarrassment

For some people who got a tattoo, the outcome wasn’t what they imagined. Many tattoos received negative feedback from friends and family resulting in regret and embarrassment.

This feeling of embarrassment and resentment was why 57% of people to got their tattoos removed with laser treatments.

38% of People Had Lower Body Image

Some people who get a tattoo do so because they think the tattoo will give them a better body image. Maybe they’ll be more attractive if they have tattoos. However, statistics show that 30% of people who go through laser tattoo removal made that decision because the tattoo made them feel less attractive than without the tattoo

38% of People Removed Their Tattoo for a Job

A new job or career change is tied with #3. 38% of people who opted for tattoo removal did so because they wanted to be more hirable. While tattoos are becoming more accepted in the workplace, some jobs still don’t allow any visible tattoos resulting in more people opting for laser tattoo removal.

37% Problem with Clothes says that 37% of people removed a tattoo because there was a problem with clothes. Perhaps someone got a tattoo on their arm only to find out that a part of the tattoo is covered up when you wear t-shirts and it looks ridiculous. This could be a good reason why someone would opt for laser treatments to remove the tattoo.

25% of People Experienced Stigma

By Definition the word “Stigma” means:

“A mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person”

This means that 25% of people feel as though their reputation has been negatively affected due to their tattoo.

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