One of the most popular beauty methods is laser treatments, which offers a wide range of benefits to you as the patient.

When you choose laser treatments you have absolutely nothing to fear. Every procedure is completely safe. Also laser treatments are 100% effective and you can see immediate results. This makes the procedure affordable to people who have long term health or beauty concerns that they want to get rid of.

So What are laser treatments and how does it work?

The whole idea of laser treatments is based on the idea of light and light beams in different colors. Each color emits a different type of wavelength that can help with certain problems that you might experience. Laser light is so versatile that it can be set to no power or it can be set as intense that it can cut diamonds. During laser surgery a small laser machine is used where the different types of wave lengths are used with different kinds of treatments.

One of the main benefits of laser surgery is that it gives the doctor a better control over the equipment, increasing the precision to work more accurately. Laser surgery enables medical professionals to zoom in on a small area and to focus there at one time. Patients who undergo laser treatments are more inclined to experience less pain, swelling, and scarring than traditional therapy. Laser surgery also does not require the doctor to perform any invasive surgery on the patient. This makes it much more comfortable to complete the procedure. It is also a lot safer than normal surgery.

What are laser treatments used for?

Laser therapy is used to treat numerous conditions, whether it is beauty or health-wise. It can be used to shrink or destroy tumors, polyps or potential cancerous growths, relieve symptoms of cancer, remove kidney stones, remove parts of the prostate that may be infected or ridden with cancer, repair a damaged retina, or improve vision (this is also more popularly known as laser eye surgery).

Lasers also have a sealing effect where it is used to seal nerve endings after a surgery, blood vessels to help prevent blood loss, lymph vessels to reduce the risk of spreading tumor cells and to reduce swelling.

At the York Medical Spa our laser treatments are mainly focused on anti-aging and improving one’s physical appearance.