Spider veins are the small, red, purple and blue vessels that seem to twist and turn on the surface of your skin. Thankfully these veins aren’t known to cause any symptoms or health concerns. However, these spider veins are not known for being attractive and they aren’t exactly desirable by anyone.

Unfortunately, for many people, spider veins are a sign of aging. These little veins are also more common in women.

What causes spider veins and how can you get rid of them FAST?

Blood Vessels

When you’re looking at a spider vein you’re actually looking at a blood vessel that has developed close to the surface of the skin. In many different situations, the blood vessels are blue, purple and even red. In most cases, the blood vessels surface on the face (around your nose), and on your legs and ankles.

The reason why they are called spider veins is because these blood vessels have the appearance of a spider web.

Spider veins are caused by abnormalities of blood vessels. Your veins are designed to carry blood to and from your heart from various parts of the body. Your veins use a system of valves that only allows blood to flow in certain directions. You don’t want a backflow of blood into your heart.

When these directional valves become defective and allow a backflow of blood within veins the pooling of blood and pressure increases and weaken the blood vessel wall. This abnormality causes varicose and spider veins to occur.

Sounds confusing and how can you avoid this?

Spider veins are extremely common. In fact, WebMd announced that an estimated 30-60% of adults have either spider or varicose veins.

According to Web MD. There are also a number of factors that make people predisposed to spider veins, which include:

  • If your parents have then, you’ll most likely have them too.
  • Many occupations that require standing on your feet ALL day such as hair stylists, retail store employees, teachers and factory workers.
  • If you’re overweight you have a much greater chance of experiencing spider veins.
  • Birth control seems to be the reoccurring theme for people who have developed spider veins.
  • A history of blood clots
  • Conditions that would cause pressure in your abdomens such as constipation and extremely tight-fitting clothing around your abdomen.

Around 50% of the population that has spider veins, but there have been no direct causalities from spider veins themselves. However, many doctors believe that spider veins are like icebergs with most of the problem lying beneath with a more serious health problem.

Also, there aren’t many symptoms from varicose veins and in most cases people experience no pain at all.

The only problem with varicose veins is that they aren’t attractive.

Getting rid of Spider Veins

At the York Medical Spa, we have a procedure that’s extremely effective for treating spider veins. Laser treatments apply heat to the blood vessel, which coagulates the blood inside the vessel. This process causes the vessel to collapse and disappear.

If you’re looking for simple spider vein removal, give the York Medical Spa a call today!