The Huffington Post acknowledges laser hair removal as an effective way to remove unwanted hair!

Unwanted hair removal has been practiced for hundreds of years. Usually, women are the ones who want to remove their hair for various reasons. Until recently the most common ways to remove unwanted hair from the body was through shaving, tweezing, and waxing.

These procedures are certainly cost effective. Shaving and tweezing are ways to remove hair on your own. Waxing, on the other hand, has been performed in clinics or spas, but many people are uninterested due to the painful procedure.

Advancements in technology have come a long way in helping people achieve results easier, more conveniently and with less effort. Not to mention a LOT of time can be saved when we introduce technology into our lives.

The beauty industry is no exception. Many people are interested in using technology to become the most beautiful version of themselves.

Today, because of the people’s demand for hair removal, experts have addressed the problem by creating laser hair removal.

Before this procedure has been made available commercially, clinical trials have been made 20 years before it was launched, somewhere in the 1990s. By today’s standards, the effectiveness of hair removal using lasers has been well regarded in the aesthetic industry. It is certainly a more convenient and less painful way of removing hair.

York Medical Spa

Let’s walk through a customer’s typical experience with laser hair removal at the York Medical Spa.

The first time you visit the York Medical Spa we may ask some questions regarding your medical history to ensure you are a decent candidate for the procedure.

Once we determine that you’re a good candidate and you’re healthy enough for the procedure we’ll make sure that you’ll be able to experience optimal results. Not all skin and hair types respond to the laser.

After we further determine if you’ll be a good candidate we’ll get to work removing the unwanted hair.

According to the Huffington Post,

It’s some pretty high-tech stuff!

“Laser hair removal zaps your hair with a monochromatic beam of light. That light travels through the hair shaft and creates a tiny explosion in the follicle, disabling the reproductive cycle of the hair to discourage it from growing back,” says Christian. “During the zap, a burst of cold water or air is applied to the skin to cool it off.”

Is this Procedure Safe?

Laser hair removal is very safe, but there is always a risk, like every procedure. Just like medicine, not all drugs are effective for everybody. Also In very rare cases people experience painful side effects.

Laser hair removal uses heat to burn the hair follicle. This procedure is safe according to medical experts. However, some conditions have been recorded with this procedure. Laser hair removal is not recommended to everybody especially those who have a very sensitive skin.

If you are searching for the best laser hair removal services, York Medical Spa is a perfect choice!