Combining science with other disciplines has proven to work wonders when it comes to beauty treatments and spa procedures. Laser hair removal is no different and provides amazing results to those who undergo it. It is a completely safe procedure and is risk free to most patients. You only need to undergo a few treatments to get rid of hair forever! This is every person’s dream who despises the thought of shaving every other day. It is conducted on men and women worldwide of all ages, young or old.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a dermatological process in which hair is completely removed from the follicle and destroying it in the process. This is done by using pulses of laser light beams and directing it onto the area where hair is unwanted. The laser beams direct their target of damage towards the melanin in the localized area, which is what makes the hair grow. By destroying this type of matter in only one area, dermatologists are able to prevent any hair to grow from that spot after a few treatments.

How does it work?

The laser hair removal procedure is totally non-invasive and you probably won’t even feel anything whilst it is occurring. A device will be put onto your body and moved across the area where you want the hair to be removed. It is important that you do some preparation: avoid shaving or waxing as well as exposure to the sun for about 6 weeks. When you go for your appointment, the hair will be trimmed so that it is a few millimeters above the skin. The laser will then be set so that it matches your skin color and color, thickness, and location of the hair that you want removed.

Benefits of laser hair removal:

There are many benefits of the laser hair removal process and you will be able to see the results after the first session. Here are a few things to look forward to:

  • Precision: unlike shaving or waxing, the laser beam gets inside the skin in eliminates each hair follicle in its path. This means that there won’t be any uneven and unshaved patches because the laser targets the area in a very precise way.
  • Speed: how long does it take you to shave? Certainly less than a few minutes. The laser has the ability to target an individual follicle and destroy it within seconds. It takes less than one minute to treat the upper lip and larger areas like the back and legs can take about an hour.
  • Predictable: the best thing about laser hair removal is that you know what you are going to get with every session. Dermatologists have predicted that permanent hair loss occurs after 3 to 7 sessions.