Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair by means of exposure of light. Lasers provide a beam of light that is concentrated on the hair follicle to essentially stop it from growing back.

Laser hair removal has been around for quite some time. In fact laser hair treatment was performed experimentally for about 20 years before becoming commercially available sometime in the 1990s.

Thankfully, now laser hair removal is widely accepted in the areas of dermatology. Clinics like the York Medical Spa are thankfully performing laser hair treatment to men and women and getting rid of unsightly, unwanted hair!

Let’s look at a few areas of the body that we can treat with laser hair removal

Leg Hair Removal

We all want sleek, long legs for days. However, legs are the largest areas of the body that you need to shave or wax. This is one of the biggest inconveniences for a woman. No more ingrown hairs on your legs. The York Medical spa can get those legs smooth without a razor!

Eyebrow Hair Removal

If you pluck or even shave your eyebrows then you probably do it very often. You probably also realize what a difference it makes when you tend to your brows. Sometimes the most subtle tweaks make the biggest difference. If you’re tired of plucking your eyebrows we can take care of the inconvenience in a few treatments.

Body Hair Removal

This one is more for the Men. However, there are women who are looking for an even smoother appearance as well. It’s pretty common to believe that a man is better without back hair. Since back hair is difficult to treat, let the York Medical Spa take care of that annoying back, chest and abdominal hair long term.

Facial Hair Removal

It’s not uncommon for a woman to have a few unwanted hairs on their chin, noticeable hair on their upper lip, or even some hair on their sideburns. It’s also not uncommon for men to want to get rid of their facial hair. The York Medical Spa specializes in decreasing hair on the face long term.

Bikini Lines Hair Removal

It’s already extremely difficult to feel confident in a bathing suit or bikini. When it comes time to bust out the swimwear make sure you visit the York Medical Spa before hitting the beach. We will take away as much or as little hair from your bikini line as you prefer.

Arm and Underarm Hair Removal

Just like the legs, the underarms are an extremely sought after area. Most women shave their underarms frequently, if not daily. If you don’t ever want to put a razor to your underarms, forearms, upper arm or shoulder then contact us. We’ll get your arms silky smooth without the shaving cream.

York Medical Spa

We’re professionals at Laser Hair Removal and we only use the best laser technology in the industry. However, be aware that not every hair color is treatable since the laser focuses on the melanin, or the dark pigment, in the hair follicle.

This only means that darker hair is treated more easily and effectively. Treatments on blonde, red and gray hair are not as effective.

Also laser hair removal is not a one-treatment procedure. Most patients require multiple visits.

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